iPhone Application Development For Yahoo Stores

Yahoo Store has emerged as one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the internet today. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this award winning ecommerce platform comes packed with simplicity and price affordability compared to other ecommerce platforms available on the Internet. Thus, many people have cashed in on this opportunity and are successful ecommerce store operators today.

Along with this development on the Internet, the world is witnessing another phenomenon. This trend relates to mobile phones. According to a recent MOCOM report, there are around 4.1 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. This translates to a penetration rate of around 60%. According to another report, nearly 91% of the United States population has mobile phones. This picture gives a bright scenario of the capability of conducting ecommerce using mobile phones around the world and in the United States.It is estimated that a significant percentage of this population has access to internet capable mobile phones and wireless devices such as the iPhone. The iPhone is a revolutionary device from Apple that has took the world by storm when it was introduced. This device combines three products into one – an extraordinary phone, a wide screen iPod and an advanced Internet device that gives access to HTML email along with a desk-class web browser.

It is now possible to marry the iPhone to the Yahoo Store by creating unique and dynamic applications for it. With the help of versatile team of iPhone developers, many companies are now venturing into this field. Other than the routine retinue of making applications such as multimedia, games, travel, social networking, it is considered niche to develop applications for the iPhone specifically pertaining to Yahoo Store. Thus, users can access features like deal of the day, orders, statistics, inventory, and other specific Yahoo Store features on their iPhone.

iPhone applications developed specifically for the Yahoo Store help store owners keep a firm tab on their operations regardless of their location while also improving sales. Buyers get more opportunities while on the move to make their purchases while giving the opportunity to store owners to track their sales and other proceeds.This feature can exclusively benefit Yahoo Store owners since they can access their store whenever they are on the move, or view specific details about the performance of their store. In the era of Web 2.0, these user-friendly features can go a long way in building a strong rapport between store owners and and their online community. Developing user specific applications on iPhone for Yahoo Stores can help store owners reap the benefits of the mobile internet revolution and utilize the iPhone as a brilliant platform for technology advancement pertaining to Yahoo Stores.

The Most Dangerous Iphone Apps

There are some truly great iPhone apps, and in fact it’s largely the apps on the iPhone that make it the incredible piece of equipment that it is. Quite simply the ability to download any one of thousands of applications on the move and use it instantly taps into the wealth of human creativity and puts it there for us to use on our phone. Any programme you could think of you literally could make yourself using the iPhone development kit and then get onto the iTunes store for other people to download. The only limit on the apps that can exist then is human imagination and that has resulted in some truly amazing apps that have really helped the way we live.

However some apps are a little dangerous – not necessarily for you, but certainly for the iPhone and many apps result in cracked iPhone glass and other problems if not handled with care. Such apps need to be considered for what they are and treated with caution, while meanwhile you should make sure to avoid giving your iPhone to strangers or friends (except the very most trusted) to use them.

The most dangerous iPhone apps of all probably are those that use the motion sensor in order to detect power. There are games on the iPhone marketplace that require you to swing and chop while holding the iPhone in order to play golf and see how far you could hit the ball, and to chop through boards like a karate master. These apps are designed to have you swing and thrust the iPhone as powerfully as possible and this of course results in many people accidentally letting go and literally launching their iPhone into the air. This then causes cracked iPhone glass and a range of other problems.

The problem with these apps is that the grip on the iPhone isn’t particularly effective and the design isn’t especially ergonomic. It’s not designed to grip into your hand naturally and is rather just a flat tablet with no rivets or grooves. One way you can help this though is to get an iPhone case or protector and this will slip over your phone and make it more rubbery or plastic so that it doesn’t fly out of your hand. You should also only play these apps while you’re indoors and only let your close friends and family try them.

The other kind of dangerous iPhone apps are those that you use with one hand. This results in your holding the phone in one hand while jabbing at the screen in another and this is a sure fire way to drop them. Again there are precautions you can take however – for instance you shouldn’t hold the iPhone to use such apps while you’re walking or distracted and should instead only use them while you’re sitting down. This is a good lesson for using the iPhone in general as it will also stop you from walking into things or tripping over while your attention is divided.

Apple IPhone Specifications

The Apple iPhone was officially announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his keynote speech at the Macworld Expo in early 2007.

The iPhone is Apple’s first move into the mobile phone industry, boasting vast multimedia features including a camera, media player and an array of internet services – the iPhone is highly anticipated.

With a scheduled US release date of June 2007 (other regions not yet confirmed), the phone will be available in two models. The first being a 4 GB model retailing at US$499 and its big brother the 8 GB model retailing at US$599.

To bring you up to speed on the Apple iPhone here’s a guide to the hardware, software and the features this new Apple product has to offer.the iPhone boasts a whopping 3.5-inch touch screen display designed specifically for use with your bare hands (the touch screen relies on bare skin so the need for a stylus is simply not there). To input text the iPhone uses a virtual keyboard allowing the user to quickly and easily input their desired text. As you would expect the virtual keyboard has all the functions you would expect, auto spell check, predictive text, dictionary etc.

A key feature of the iPhone’s navigation and functionality is the scroll feature. Similar to the iPod scroll wheel the movement allows you to quickly and easily move through the menu’s, the wheel can be “spun” by sliding a finger over the display – the faster the ‘spin’ the quicker the menu or item is navigated through.


As you would expect the iPhone has all the usual features you’d expect from any standard Cell phone including conferencing, call holding, call merging, caller ID, email and all the rest.

The iPhone also includes a 2 Mega Pixel built-in camera that will allow you to record and capture video and still images and using the provided software transfer these to your PC or Mac.

The most appealing feature of the iPhone is it’s incorporation of its big brother the iPod MP3 player. Similar to the 5th generation of iPods the iPhone can handle video playback as well as a music library.


The iPhone also has online capabilities due to its built-in WiFi technology. With the assistance of a wireless network the iPhone can display full web pages using the Safari browser rather than simplified WAP style pages. As well as browsing the internet, the iPhone is capable of sending and receiving email thanks to its HTML email application.

Operating System:

According to Apple an optimized (slimmed down) version of the popular Mac OS X Operating system will work fine on the iPhone although they haven’t as of yet gone into any specifics on this, nor has the process been officially explained.

Apple has commented in the past that OS updates for the iPhone will be very smooth and work in a similar way to the iPod and Mac OS X updates. Like the OS X Dashboard Apple revealed the iPhone will support various Widgets for example, stocks and shares and weather modules.Miscellaneous Features:

As you would expect the iPhone features a built-in non-replaceable battery unit just like the iPod and is capable of providing up to 5 hours of video playback, voice calls or web browsing. Music playback is around the 16 hours mark.

At the end of the day, the iPhone is going to be useful to those who will use its features. With the market for Blackberries constantly on the rise and the market for iPods continually growing, I think the product that Apple are offering will be picked up and valued by a wide range of people. It converges together the practical and the fashionable, which is a very difficult thing to do. It might be a big investment, but if you are going to use it the iPhone is excellent value and a sound investment that you will find yourself turning to throughout the day for entertainment, information and more besides.

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